Best Camera For Ghost Hunting

Choosing the right camera or cameras can be a difficult decision and depending on your use and experience level can range from a five dollar disposable to a thousand dollar digital camera with thermal detection and all the works. BEST CAMERA FOR HUNTING

Disposable/throw away cameras– Great for taking general pictures of doors, windows, and areas of a house. It usually takes many pictures to find an orb or some sign of spirits being present, throw away camera’s being so affordable it makes a lot of sense.(you can go to Sam’s club or Costco and buy bulk throw away cameras.)

Digital Cameras- Works really well for taking a lot of pictures and not having to waste film. You can have several memory cards and delete pictures that do not show any sign of spirits. You also do not have to print any pictures unless they are really worth it, you can usually do all the analysis on the computer very easily. A great bonus is you can use all the modern programs available to you to zoom in and out, focus, crop and all kinds of stuff to help you view the picture. Digital Camera’s can vary in price from 20-50 on eBay or other used marketplace, 80-200 for a average brand new digital camera, and 500+ for a brand new digital camera with all the modern features you can get(and most of the time don’t need)

Thermal Imaging Cameras– Although VERY expensive these camera’s are a necessity for spirit hunting. They detect objects by temperature so you can see things in the dark and also for viewing spirits that may not be visible by the naked eye.

Night Vision Cameras- These can also be relatively pricey but very effective for spirit hunting at night or in dark places. It will enable you to take pictures without a flash and be able to see things you are unable see since it is so dark.

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