3 steps before you bet on a football game ! ( Theory + Practice )

hello and welcome everybody today I’m gonna show you exactly how I prepare for a game before I put any money on it okay so I usually take three steps after I chose a game right now I took Manchester United vs. Liverpool okay my first step checking the history so how did they play against each other how are they performing right now in the Premier League in Europe are they having any injuries a new coach I don’t know red cards whatever just anything that can possibly influence your your bed the second step is what do you think will be the exact score so you write it down so you can use it later third step exact score at halftime because usually the odds are better at halftime and if at the final time full time so you must check that too sometimes ufabet know some teams are going to school before 45 minutes yeah so in that case for me Manchester United vs. Liverpool is going to be zero zero at halftime to one a final time yeah simply because I predict that you I could also say maybe one one but hey it’s up to you how you going to bet how much money you want to spend you know because the more money you spent the more chances you get to win if you put 1 1 2 1 or whatever and then don’t play one game play a few games which you are certain like what I did now espanol vs Real Madrid halftime zero one final time 0 3 so you can do a lot you can put Real Madrid 2 calls up front before the game starts handicap 0 – paddy versus Bordeaux the same halftime 1:0 final time to zero so let’s go check out this theory in an example ok let’s check it out yeah so we take Manchester United like that we are going to give them the exact score that we predicted to one Primera Division Real Madrid again we do it 0-3 we go to France we take the correct score and put the 2-0 as we said so if we put one year o on it as you can see we have 578 so that’s already nice you know but we need a lot of luck cause to win three exact scores is better you put just you know like like 10 euros on one score and then for example you could say yeah where is it you put 10 euros here on the to 1 so we got 95 and we put 10 euros on the 1 1 and we have 75 so you invest 20 euros and you win at least 75 and normally I don’t see Liverpool winning in Manchester but you know check the history do your do your homework and know the outcome so what was the advantage of writing down the exact scores as you can see right here we have the rest at rest you know so at a halftime you can see that the odds are better Arsenal vs Stoke is 171 and here we have 129 so if you predict Arsenal already in front a half time it’s better you go to rest and do that you know so what would what do we say we have Manchester United and a bit on it you in half time no ok so we go to primera divisiĆ³n we are checking the rest and Real Madrid is already up front so that’s 170 it’s a lot more than here the 130 so you know what I mean that’s why I put the rest also because sometimes we must not forget this we have a higher arts and it’s much more interesting than betting on the final time odd or whatever you know so why also writing down scores and exact predictions why because if we go here if we come sorry if we check out the zero three we can also see that we have a handicap of 2-0 for Real Madrid so if we take at least the one zero we’re gonna win that yeah now we go to Premier League again where we said that Manchester United and Liverpool they’re gonna score both so again we have a nice odd yeah in France they were not going to score both or we could say they’re like it’s going to be under two and a half goals so as you can see we have six four ten year old son it we have six a sixty four or six hundred or whatever how much you want to bet on it any way you predict this call so the consequences or whatever you want to call it up stuff like this you must not forget the bet like this also on these games don’t put simply Manchester winning Paddy winning or Real Madrid winning no try to predict it and then try to bet on it in different ways because you know in this case but document win in this case Liverpool can win you know what I mean and that’s exactly what we are searching for to take the exact bet that we cannot lose so that’s why I take three steps before I put any money on any game and that’s why I wanted to show you also and if you loved this video of a teacher thing up to like the video subscribe to the channel share the video talk with people about these strategies because you know hey in the end it’s gonna bring you some money you know you can get an extra income in to me for me right now it’s been like five seasons that I never lost okay I do lose don’t get me wrong I lose every week I lose money but almost every week I win more money than I lose so in the end the end of the season I and been like that for five seasons now so oh I must be really lucky or I have some nice tactics and nice strategies and that’s exactly what I wanted to teach you so and I will see you next time 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