Guitar Hero World Tour Video Game Review

There has not been a single product that has taken the world by such a storm since the invention of the video game console itself. Now the makers of video games have done it again with the world famous Guitar Hero World Tour Video Game. With this awesome video game rock star wannabes everywhere can now rock out and play to their favorite songs using pressing buttons on a pretend guitar. Everyone from grandparents, soccer moms to teens can play their favorite songs such as Free Bird or Carry on My Wayward Son. And since parents, grandparents and kids alike love this awesome video game it is a great way for us parents to bond with our kids.

Well, if you and your kids loved Guitar Hero you have not seen anything yet. This holiday season get ready for the latest and greatest version of fun with the Guitar Hero World Tour Video Game. Guitar Hero World Tour Video Game is officially the fourth installment of the Guitar Hero series. The new version of this instant classic possesses even more rocking capability of any of the other three video games combined.

The new version of the Guitar Hero World Tour Video Game will include the following accessories for yours and your children’s playing pleasure:

• Famous plastic guitar
• Drums
• Microphone

These new accessories will allow players to add drumming and lyrics to their songs, creating a more vibrant rock star experience. And since up to four players can play the new version its perfect for families as well as friends. You can even create and record your own songs giving you the ability to show just how big of a rock star you really are.

The new Guitar hero World Tour Video Game also allows a player to customize their own rock star allowing players to customize their appearance as well including age and the number of tattoos they have. You also have the ability to play as your favorite rock star such as: Linkin Park, Ozzy Osbourne, Sting, etc. The game can even virtually represent real life music venues from around the world.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy of Guitar Hero World Tour Video Game this holiday season and get rocking with your family. The game is available for all major video game consoles, including the PlayStation III, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii.

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