Who is eligible for the real estate annuity?

Single and multi-family houses, condos and immobilien-hof business properties might be appropriate for the land annuity. An exact assessment by an outside and autonomous master appointed by us is the premise of each coupling life annuity offer just as the public accountant contract for the acquisition of the property, benefits installment and right of home.

How does the land annuity work?

More established individuals who own their own property (if conceivable paid off) can change over the property estimation into a long lasting extra annuity. Furthermore, they get an authenticated and land register-ensured long lasting right of habitation. They keep on living without rent inside their own four dividers. The premise of our model is an authorized deal, endless supply of the agreement, proprietorship is moved to Deutsche Leibrenten Grundbesitz AG. Simultaneously, the privilege of living arrangement and the genuine weight for making sure about the annuity installment are entered for the recipient and merchant.

What installment alternatives does Deutsche Leibrenten Grundbesitz AG offer?

Deutsche Leibrenten Grundbesitz AG for the most part offers long lasting land annuities, which are paid month to month and depend available estimation of the property. Nonetheless, a mix model with a coincidental installment is additionally conceivable, for instance to take care of residual obligations. The land benefits is subsequently a genuine land item dependent on a buy contract with long lasting portion installments and deep rooted lease free lodging rights.

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